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Transforming Learning Experiences with Innovative eLearning Solutions

Transforming Learning Experiences with Innovative eLearning Solutions

Edufic is a leading eLearning company based in Atlanta, Georgia, dedicated to providing world-class digital learning products, processes, content, and communication strategies. Our comprehensive services cover a wide range of eLearning solutions designed to meet the needs of various industries and educational sectors.

Our Services

Custom eLearning Development

We design bespoke eLearning courses tailored to your organization’s unique requirements, ensuring effective knowledge transfer and engagement.

Microlearning Modules

Our microlearning services create short, focused modules that facilitate quick and efficient knowledge acquisition, perfect for busy professionals.

Game-Based Learning

We integrate interactive gaming elements into our educational content to enhance engagement and understanding, making learning both fun and effective.

AR & VR Solutions

Experience immersive learning with our augmented and virtual reality services, which provide realistic simulations and interactive scenarios.

Translation & Localization

We adapt your content to different languages and cultures, ensuring global accessibility and relevance.

Off-the-Shelf Courses

Our ready-made courses cover a wide range of subjects, offering swift deployment and comprehensive learning solutions.

Video-Based Courses

Deliver engaging content through dynamic video lessons designed to enhance comprehension and retention.

Interactive Assessments

Our quizzes and assessments reinforce learning and measure progress, providing valuable feedback to learners.

Mobile Learning (mLearning)

Optimize your learning content for mobile devices, enabling on-the-go access and flexibility for learners.

Industry Expertise

Edufic has extensive experience across multiple industries, addressing learning challenges from customer service to senior leadership, from technology to healthcare, and beyond. Our focus areas include:

  • Compliance & Policy: Achieve lasting behavior change with cost-effective solutions, including built-in campaign management and ongoing evaluation.
  • Customer Experience: Enhance your frontline’s ability to deliver exceptional customer service with focused learning programs accessible on multiple devices.
  • Leadership & Management: Equip your team with strategies for effective leadership, conflict resolution, and strategic decision-making.
  • Sales & Product Knowledge: Provide your sales team with effective learning solutions, rapid updates, and managed knowledge portals.
  • Technical & Process Training: Support your workforce with practical and engaging systems and process training.
  • Change Management: Empower your organization to navigate transitions effectively, fostering adaptability and successful implementation.
  • K12 & Higher Education: Address key educational gaps with tailored learning experiences and effective pedagogical tools.

Why Choose Edufic?

Businesses trust Edufic for our unwavering commitment to delivering innovative, personalized, and results-driven eLearning solutions. Our experienced in-house creative team ensures that your investment is delivered on time, within budget, and at the highest level of quality.


“Edufic developed our training video economically and within budget, analyzing our requirements to provide an appropriate solution. Their reliability and efficiency ensure we’ll work with them again in the future.” – Edwin K, Lazada

“Edufic’s service and project management capabilities have been exceptional. Their proactive approach and attention to detail have ensured successful outcomes for our learning initiatives.” – Eric D, Le Cordon Bleu

“Edufic is the best at customer support. We appreciate their input and their ability to deliver services within deadlines.” – Amit S, Saint Gobain

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Ready to transform your learning experience? Contact Edufic today to discover how our eLearning solutions can benefit your organization. Visit our contact page to get in touch.

Be-Spoke Services

Tailor made digital services and creative solutions for businesses.

Through a deep understanding of your target audience’s makeup and motivations, we design digital experiences using the latest technology that connect with your audience and goals.

The Process

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of the design, content, and elearning process

Need Analysis:

Identify the learning gaps and specific objectives the e-learning course should achieve.

Learning Outcomes Definition:

Clearly define what learners should know or be able to do by the end of the course.

Content Collection:

Gather existing relevant content, including textbooks, manuals, expert interviews, and other resources.


Design a visual and textual blueprint of the course, outlining the flow and structure of content.

Instructional Design:

Develop the instructional strategy, including choosing interactive elements, assessment techniques, and pedagogical methods.

Content Creation:

Write the course content, including scripts, text blocks, and interactive elements.

Media Production:

Create or source images, videos, animations, and audio components for the course.

Course Development:

Use e-learning development tools to assemble the content and media into a cohesive online course.

Prototype Testing:

Test a preliminary version of the course with a small group to gather feedback.

Feedback Incorporation:

Make necessary revisions to the course based on prototype testing feedback.

Final Testing:

Ensure the course works seamlessly across different devices and browsers, and that all interactive elements function properly.


Release the course to the target audience.


Measure the effectiveness of the course through analytics, assessments, and user feedback.

Maintenance and Updates:

Regularly review and update the course to ensure its relevance and accuracy.

Each step is integral to creating an effective, engaging, and user-friendly e-learning experience.

Note: The above process steps is for end to end development and solutions. This process can also be a subset or partial processes based on the actual scope.

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